Project main objec­tive
The main objective of the project is to increase stability and adaptability of Carpathian forest ecosystems to climate change impacts in Slovak-Ukrainian cross border region.
Project specific objec­tives

  1. To improve accessibility of forest areas affected by climate change impacts.
  2. To increase resilience and adaptability of forest ecosystems by transformation of damaged forests to more sustainable, uneven-age and multi-species stands.
  3. To enhance professional capacity of foresters and raise public awareness on forests and climate change impacts.

Project Lead Beneficiary
State Enterprise “Uzhhorod Forest Enterprise”, Ukraine
Main Cross-Border Beneficiary
Forests of the City of Kezmarok, s.r.o., Slovak Republic
Project Beneficiaries
State Forest of Tatra National Park
State Enterprise “Vygoda Forestry”
Spišská Belá Forest, Ltd.
Agency for sustainable development of the Carpathian region “FORZA”
Тotal budget: 3 523 870.16 EURO
EU’s contribution: 3 171 483.12 EURO

Within the project it is planned to  build new forest roads and reconstruct existing ones, build up a forest nursery and greenhouse,  as well as Demonstration and Information Center “Forest and Climate”, plant and raise healthy forests; train foresters on the climate change impact issues; organise joint Slovak-Ukrainian field events and mutual study tours  to learn best practices in managing resilient and better adapted forests to the climate change, raise awareness of the general public on the role of forests in tackling the climate change issues.